Gent Fire Alarms

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, every workplace is required to have adequate fire safety precautions (including fire detection systems) in place.

We are Gent Fire Alarm approved integrators - using the best quaility and innovative harware and our skill and expertise.

In the event of a fire, early extinguishing is essential to prevent the loss and damage of irreplaceable items such as servers holding critical business data, to priceless antiques and paintings.
For larger sites or for buildings that are open to the public, voice alarms and public address systems are an efficient and effective way of capturing attention immediately and ensuring a safe and controlled evacuation from a building.

Aspirating systems are very versatile and can be used in a variety of different situations.

Our Gent Fire Alarm integrators can design and fit the highest standard of fire detection and supression systems for your buisness.

Gent Fire Alarms

Gent by Honeywell is synonymous with innovation and quality in the fire detection and alarm industry.  They develop innovative products so that Gent becomming the brand of choice when protecting life and property.  As approved system integrators, we are committed to delivering safe environments and peace of mind.

As one of the first Gent 24 Fire Alarm and Detection System Integrators we are highly experienced in their whole range of Analogue Addressable and Conventional panels such as the Vigilon, Vigilon Compact and the Nano, as well as the 3400 & 32000 (both now obsolete) in the addressable range.  In the Conventional there is the Zenex and the now obsolete 3260. 

Kingfisher are a Gent approved integrator with satisfied customers across the UK including Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and London.

Gent Fire Alarms
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